WhatsApp Engagement™

Manage WhatsApp™ and SMS platforms trough an unified service!

Handle the best of both worlds with a single interface!

How to increment the "Engagement" with your customers?

The Instant Messaging has now crossed the boundaries of the consumer use, becoming a new and powerful customer interaction tool. WhatsApp™(© 2015 WhatsApp Inc) is the leader platform in this field.

WhatsApp™ for the business.

In the Retail "world" the use of the WhatsApp™ platform as a tool to acquire contacts and communicate in real time with the "brandstrong>" is growing fast. WhatsApp™ use is now widespread even in Institutional contexts: some municipalities in Italy rely on this platform to alert citizens in case of hazards and natural disasters.

Service Features and Pricing Model

WhatsApp™ ID Hosting

Campaign Manager PlaySMS

Pricing model

SMS Fall Back SMS

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WhatsApp™ Disclaimer

This software allows companies to reach their clients more efficiently and always within the law . If you plan to use this software for bulk sending or spamming, you would better desist. That is not its purpose, it will not work and we will block your account immediately.

We like WhatsApp and the other instant message applications, we want it to be as free of spam as possible. "WhatsApp" is a registered trademark of Whatsapp™ Inc.

This software is not supported or endorsed in any way by the service providers it interoperates with. It neither tries to mimic or replace any software originally conceived by those services' owners.

In the same manner, any third party's trademark or intellectual property that may appear in this software must be understood as a strictly illustrative reference to the service provider it represents, and will never be used in any way that may lead to confusion, so no abuse is intended. By using this software and other instant messaging services, you are accepting WhatsApp's Terms of Use and other instant messaging client.

We consider some of those terms rather abusive, but nevertheless we strongly believe some others are quite fair as they seek to ensure a balance between individuals and companies using their service. Those "fair use" terms are:

  • Never share illegal or offensive content.
  • Never send too many more messages than a human being could in the same period of time.
  • Try not to send messages to people who doesn't have your number in their phone list or have never sent you a message.

If you infringe those terms, you are risking to be banned from the WhatsApp service without any right to be compensated by us. By using this software, you recognize it is a mere tool for accessing the WhatsApp service, just like any smartphone or operating system that you can use for the same purpose. You declare completely responsible for the actions you take and discharge us from any resposability derived from such usage.

If you keep using this software and start to pay for it, you will not be charged for accessing the WhatsApp platform but for the costs of mantaining the service and our dedicated support. According to Sec. 103(f) of the DMCA and Article 6 of the 1991 EU Computer Programs Directive, any technological measures circumvention that might be carried out for the creation of this software is totally legitimate as its purpose is "enabling interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs" and is "indispensable to obtain the necessary infor­mation to achieve the interoperability of an indepen­dently created program with other programs [...] to make it possible to connect all components of a computer system, including those of different manufacturers, so that they can work together".

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