Massive SMS sending and receiving service

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SMS sending and receiving service is suitable for periodically contacting your customer and visitor base, answering quickly to users’ requests and promoting products and services in a reliable and targeted way.

This product is not yet available for non italian customers!

Service Features

  • High quality SMS service, delivery granted;
  • high profitability sending and speed (up to 200 SMS/sec);
  • customizable sender;
  • direct and targeted marketing;
  • agenda handling with sending groups;
  • customizable service;
  • easy to use, it does not need any IT knowledge.


  • Customized sending and receiving: massive campaigns using customized sender on direct connections and automatic elaboration of the answer.
  • Cleansing: to remove “syntactical” incorrect, ceased or inexistent numbers from sending lists. Outcome: up to 99% of efficiency and data correctness!
  • Handling of delivery reports: Every message sent embodies a delivering notification that certifies the date and time of its reception.

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