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Tiny server system, powerful and flexible, designed to send and receive SMS/MMS using a common SIM card through web, mail server, classic and distributed applications.
SMS FoxBox is the ideal solution for mobile marketing, massive SMS campaigns, handling of business fleet, sending of news and feedback, live interaction for radio or TV shows, ecc.


FoxBox Mini

Really tiny and cost effective Linux server, with double SIM card slot!

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FoxBox GT2

Similar to the LX800, with triple LAN Ethernet port. Now more powerful thanks to the model GT2.

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FoxBox GT Rackable

Rack-mount version of the GT - The flagship product of FoxBox GT family!

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FoxBox IQ

Combine SMS and instant messaging management (ex. Whatsapp™).

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FoxBox LX800

A tiny web server for SMS/MMS flexible and advanced management.

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FoxBox Rack

The perfect modem expansion for your FoxBox machines.

Technical details

Hardware features

  • compact and noiseless system, with low power consumption;
  • high computational power and SMS/MMS transmission speed;
  • USB 2.0 and LAN Ethernet ports;
  • hardware internal clock, solid state memory and display.


  • sending and receiving SMS/MMS;
  • Gateway feature (email-to-SMS, SMS/MMS-to-email);
  • Monitoring feature (Nagios, Icinga);
  • web Management Interface;
  • SMPP special server.

SMS FoxBox is available in various configurations. Find out more on our SMS FOxBox Official Website!

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