Operator Market Share

  • Orange France
  • SFR
  • Free
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Virgin
  • Lycamobile
  • NRJ

Billing Types


Service Types


Payment Flows

  • 1st Click for payment (summary of the purchased items - cart);
  • 2nd Click to confirm the payment (no credentials required or form to be fullfiled).

Interesting facts

  • Flexible price points;
  • Adult services allowed (16+);
  • Service approval within only 4 weeks.

High analytics

Tool allows our customers to track their traffic and check the profitability of their services through indicators (KPIs) developed by HCNX.

  • A single interface for our publisher customers (whatever the media billing);
  • A quick and easy export of data, available in several formats.

Market insights

Internet + Mobile

  • The mobile payment market excl Audio SVA was 835 M€ in 2013. Now exceeding 1Billion € rev per Annum;
  • 28% of consumers for digital’s goods know at least 1 Mobile payment solution;
  • 90% of customer satisfaction for Mobile Carrier Billing (Mediametrie 2013);
  • 66% of Mobile payment’s users would not have purchased the product if only payment by card would have been available (Mediametrie 2013);
  • A better conversion rate: the conversion rate is for Mobile payment is 5 to 7 times higher than online transactions associated with credit cards (source AFMM);
  • High Level of customer satisfaction: 90% of users for the mobile payment solutions are very satisfied or satisfied with the payment means (Médiamétrie study, 2013);
  • Prefered method of payment for small account:
    • The Majority of digital content buyers is reluctant to use a credit card for paying online amounts lower than € 9 (source MMFA);
    • The Majority of digital content’s consumers is ready to use Direct Carrier billing to pay online up to 15 €. (source MMFA);
    • 66% of users for direct carrier billing payments would not have triggered their purchase if only credit card payment option had been available (Médiamétrie study, 2013).

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